Bespoke Design

Our Bespoke Design Team

The first stage in designing or adapting an item of jewellery is the knowledge and experience to create practical pleasing results that reflect our customer’s visions. Michael Levin’s have in excess of fifty years experience in the jewellery trade, allowing us to perfect this process.

The first stage in achieving a bespoke design, is discussing the possibilities. An initial consultation will allow us to sketch an impression based on our customer’s ideas. This will establish a dialogue, by which we can introduce practical and aesthetics suggestions in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. On reaching a feasible design, we produce a 3D model (to scale) and visualisation using Gemvision software. The visual eliminates any grey areas so any alterations or additions can be easily implemented. Once the design has been approved, we move on to making the design a reality using the appropriate method of manufacture:

Hand Crafted

If the design warrants a handmade approach, we have a comprehensive workshop and craftsmen with (years) experience producing high quality handmade jewellery.

Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture

It is a pleasure to offer this service to our customers as CAD/CAM allows to overcome the limitations experienced by handmade jewellery. From our engineered 3D models, we are able to produce vulcanised rubber moulds for wax reproduction and also 3D printed wax models for investment casting the item prior to assembling, setting and polishing. Whatever our customer requirements are regarding design or even adapting an item of jewellery, we are pleased to discuss the possibilities and generate solutions to make our customer’s ideas a reality.

Example of clients bespoke ring

This bespoke design ring was handmade for one of our clients, the fine quality yellow Sapphire was the customers own and she wanted the Sapphire contrasting with vibrant green stones in an asymmetrical design. We suggested marquise cut Tsavorites and our sketch was our interpretation of our customers ideas. Our customer was delighted with the finished ring and the fact that it's a one off design.

Customers Broken Jewellery

This Diamond pendant was made from the customers damaged Diamond earrings and ring.

Example of clients bespoke Earrings

These earrings were designed in house and made for a customer using extra links that had been removed from a necklace.

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